What's The Best Cheese For Your Burger? (TEST)

Ajoutée 17 juin 2019
We’re putting our buds to the test to determine what’s the best cheese for your burger! GMM #1556
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  • Best cheese fora burger? COLBY.

  • I watch this for rhet, link is too much of a dweeb

  • Best cheese is no cheese.

  • 11:28 lol

  • Mushroom and gravy over Swiss cheese. The greatest burger ever made.

  • Cheddar cheese. Not mentioned here. It’s the best on burgers. Trust me.


  • You should cure links tomato fobia

  • Lol American, might as well fire your whole crew.

  • What happened to sheep cheese

  • Muenster hands down

  • So when I was growing up my local grocery store in Texas had premade bacon jalepeno Gouda burger patties for sale at the butcher and my family would eat those all the time they were so good

  • 2:46 those are both 'gouda'

  • Lol burgers r gross

  • American cheese is pure nasty, very surprised by the results

  • It’s a sin to put cheddar on a burger, American cheese 100% the best

  • The ou in gouda you pronounce as in ouch... Not like goo(se)da its gou(ch) da

  • You guys should do this with mac n cheese

  • I’m still stunned Rhetts a Ford man

  • they say gouda like "guda"

  • I didn’t think that some southern boys would ever let pimento cheese get eliminated

  • I was rooting for Gouda. I had a feeling it would win. It’s savory and is perfect to compliment a burger. American would be the runner up, and a classic standby when you just crave that classic all American burger taste profile. I was sad feta wasn’t in the running, but I do get it. It’s all about how you’re using the cheese, given that there are so many complexities and variations. For a salad, you can’t do better than feta in my opinion, but on a burger, you want something that blends in more and has a better melt factor.

  • yes i'd like 32 burger patties

  • I have had Gouda and it’s the best cheese ever

  • You say Gouda like gauda trust me I’m Dutch

  • Muenster is the best cheese on a burger imo.

  • Munster is my favorite in a burger

  • Cheddar is literally the most versatile cheese ever, and it’s not even here.

  • Knowledge is subscribing to good mythical morning. Wisdom is remembering this video while at the supermarket

  • Its impossible you didnt put cheddar and you put chevre and buffalo motz what are you're taste buds

  • Link's pickiness bothers me

  • Muenster is underrated lol

  • I think wed all rather have watched the elimination before this...

  • Pepperjack got robbed

  • No provolone?

  • It's blasphemy to any cheese lover that American would even be considered, especially over Cheddar.

  • Best cheese on pizza?

  • Cheddar is for roast beef sandwiches. Good job eliminating that one guys. Gordon Ramsay would agree.

  • Brie is life

  • Everyone needs to stop putting kobe beef in burgers!