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  • I never trusted her,bcos i know she up to something, if u're with me hit the like button 💓💓💓

  • Ngozi is up to some thing else,who else agree this with me

  • Your so stupied woman you didn’t know how to depends your self

  • This mother in law devil she made all

  • Who else thinks the princess is so pretty..show her some love

  • The elders look good on the Edo tradition attire

    • Yes dear the elders look very good on it, thanks for watching please kindly share videos with many friends as possible to support our channel we appreciate your comments and we love Edo tradition

  • Hmmmm the queen is up to something ooo

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  • What is going on

  • OMG, what is she up to this time Around, i don't trust dis woman o, am really scare anywhere lets keep watching.

    • Thanks for watching please kindly share videos with many friends

  • the princess is always kneeling dawn for the queen that is why am angry with her. but she is beautiful every where both out side and inside, nice movie.

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  • You people don't know what is season or episode heh

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  • I think d queen is up to something

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  • I just lost it, I'm boiling my eyes out!!!!

  • The Queen up to something why the sudden change anybody agree with 🤔🤔

  • When the deal is to good think twice

  • Very nice movie👌👌❤❤worth watching

  • For a second there, I thought, hey hey hey!!! Ngozi is back, than I was like, did I miss a season, bcuz this came out of nowhere. Than d other shoe drops... especially after her mom warned her. Than I was waiting for it. But her own son really!? I guess she has to make him believe for real that it was her.

  • As soon as I saw the native doctor with this beautiful ponytail, I knew she was gonna lie 😂😂😂

  • I die here today The thunder that will fire this Queen is still doing push ups and Squats😦😦

  • Wetin make this woman dey change now me nor understand what's going on, ah I for say imagine trying to kill her own son because of her hatred for another woman child.

  • y put music on movie plz

  • Good storyline

  • no peace for the wicked

  • very nice I like it

  • Every part of this movie from one to six pisses me of bcuz everyone is so blind including that son of a queen 😭🤦🏿‍♀️

  • nice movie

  • Chisom the wife material

  • You can be wicked but this Queen is too much iyoo

  • This queen is really wicked, Really the leopard can not change its spots.

  • U r mom a leopard don't change his spot smart mom

  • Since she don't want to leave willing, she will leave by force. Her mother ask her to follow her back home but she refused. Because of love ,Rubbish love

  • True a leopard can not change it's spots

  • I want to punch the princess in her rass head,just to access some sense.

  • What this woman is up to again oo hahaha

  • I don't like this movie but i am just wishing it because of the princess i love wishing her movie so much 💖

  • Indeed the wicked will never go unpunished

  • Oh no this innocent princess witch queen

  • This woman is wicked she poisoned his own son

  • Enjoying oo

  • Wicked witch she can even kill her own son Jesus have mercy

  • Jackie Appiah s replacement lol e Princess she is taking over the shape all like Jackie Appiah.

  • This queen is having bad ideas I don't believe on her

  • The wicked queen part one Nigerian Hollywood movie

  • When your enemy became close to you run for your Life.

  • All this wickedness because the girl is poor, smh😧imagine what would she would do to someone who is actually willing to fight? poor is truly a disease it seems. You can be anything but never be poor ( according to this 🌎)😥

  • Hmmm has d queen change for good or she is just acting... I no trust her (queen) at all

  • I smell a rat.... Am I dreaming? This queen is too nice oo ohhh!!! She cooking up something its too good to be true. #A #Leopard #never #change #its #spot

  • This woman is so wicked...y nw,this is too much,I knw she's up to something

  • i can not trust this change ooooooooooooooooooo

  • this queen is very wicked

  • nice one🇸🇱🇸🇱🇸🇱🇸🇱

  • I don't trust this queen kindness😩😩😩😁😁🤔

  • It was too good to be true. The leopard will never change it’s spot even if you pour a whole bucket of bleach on it.

  • I wish Princess could listen to her Mother lol!!!

  • So the prince cannot even renovate their house for them

  • I could have slapped the girl and the prince in this movie chupzz... her mother told her let's leave but her stubbornness wouldn't listen... what nonsense love is this?? the prince couldn't even stood up for his wife... weakling of a man nonsense

  • The princess she's absolutely gorgeous I admired her so much. Such a cute girl

  • I love my husband, I love my husband, I love my husband please,bs.madam ask yourself if he loves you back.

  • Why are most Queens Wicked???

  • What are you planning wicked queen? ??

  • No sense movie this can never ever happen

  • Press the like button and subscribe because this evil woman is up to something wrong who agree with me?

  • I knew it, i know that wicked queen was up to something with the sudden change of attitude towards the princess and the mother, nice movie 🤩❤👍

  • Is this kindness or game

  • Can't wait for Queen Hilbert to come on Board🧖 👑🧜👸

  • Gentleness is very bad is my gentleness and obedience that deported me from Libya to Nigeria

  • Hmmm exactly what i was thinking ooo leopard can never change its spot o

  • She is thinking for plan B

  • The thunder that is going to strike the queen for her wicked acts is on its way to Nigeria

  • Nice movie

  • I wish as they av banished these gal hope she's pregnant an it should be a boy a hire parent to the throne, then let these prince also die an we see how these kingdom will allow her to still be a queen without hireapparent hmmmm

  • Hmmmmm, now that she has been thrown out of the house, am happily waiting for the second princess

  • Nice Movie

  • stupid princess

  • Ignorance of poor.. rich and poor do not belong to the same social range. X

  • A leopard does not change her spots. The queen deceived the people for a moment..

  • All the people who acted this movie need more training if not so the movie could have been so interesting with senior actors

  • Wow nice move guys 😍

  • Wicked queen

  • Thanks God oooh my princess ask forgives in the queens God bless you princess AMEN 🙏🙏👏👏happy birthday to you princess

  • What a wicked mother in law, useless and wick prince, prince you are not a man but a woman...

  • Oh this prince is very stupid i knew the queen was cooking something

  • Why does she hate her so much, is it because she comes from a poor family? This’s ridiculous. Wicked queen, so a rich can’t marry a poor anymore? Thanks for uploading guys 🥰♥️♥️♥️

  • She is so wicked

  • This woman na wicked person

  • This wicked queen even Satan fears her cos can conquer his territory

  • I talk am leopard does not change his sport hmmm nice nice international ezenwanyiii time will tell

  • Why I'm i having this feelings that the sudden change of the queen👸 is not real 🤔

  • is very very good movies.

  • I said it dis woman is up to something

  • When your worst enemy suddenly becomes nice to you. Hmmmm run for your life oo. Not all sorry is from the heart. Lord save your children

  • wonderful nonsense

  • Ummm up to something how can it be aha

  • wakanda forever

  • If she can manipulate man made gods she can’t manipulate the king of kings

  • Ezenwanyi international😂😂😃😃

  • Ooooooo this women is evol she's a devil

  • Wicked queen and witch

  • Hmm poisoning even her own child,this’s complete wickedness.

  • I said it the evil is always evil