You Laugh You Lose (Minecraft Edition) YLYL #0063

Ajoutée 30 juil. 2019
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  • “Starts singing to toboscus

  • How Many Tattoos Do You Have?

  • When people forget notch left mojang

  • He changed the skins around

  • Cried at the last

  • Play Fortnite

  • 日本語で😱ありがとう!

  • F

  • 2010:Herobrine 2019: *Spider sheep*

  • Skrattar inte 🙁

  • Herobrine vs water sheep watersheep

  • i dont play tuber sim soz, i play pewdiepie sim :D

  • look at the experience (right) 15:04 *nice*

  • this happened to me twice and i havent broken my feet yet XD 12:37

  • I forgot to to intro

  • Water sheep is on the Norwegian side! Thank you Water Sheep

  • I am from norway

  • 2010:i want to stop playing minecraft 2019:

  • To see what the enchantments say just go into the translator part of the 10th anniversary world

  • Minecraft feels like life

  • Is sven a mod

  • F

  • 1:50 and thats how minecraft works


  • Pewdiepie: You can't melt obsidian. Me: In the future, you can.

  • I'd buy your merch but I'm 13 and broke😂

  • W-w-w-water sheeeeeeeeep

  • Plz subscribe to pewdiepie to stop t series #pewdiepie

  • Fffffff for the boy

  • No one: No one at all: Piewdiepie:I understand cuz I play Minecraft

  • PewDiePie: WHY ARE YOU TALKING TO SPIDER, WATERSHEEP They made a child and you killed Water sheep how dare you

  • Yes norge!!

  • F

  • 4:32 I know this isn’t the original song but what’s the name of the original song???

    • Scatmans world

  • היי

  • How do you guys post the memes? I'm need to make too

  • I have the game and my name is weegeepie360noscop

  • Jes i have it

  • It’s 96 dis likes

  • In the one cursed Minecraft video grandey just changed the recourse pack


  • that tame a parrot theres a 360° of that type pewdiepie 360° on FR-tv

  • Is it weird that watching edits of trump in Minecraft makes me hate him less

  • Norway is the capital of Sweden -A Norwegian


  • Norge

  • 13:58 Pls collab with Tobuscus.

  • MOREEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Pewds said creeper. Ya'll know what to do.

  • f

  • at 3:07 he started singing revenge

  • i hope notch is pround of himself by making alot of gamers.. ad plays

  • f in the chat!

  • F ( I give my respect )

  • Ha kuncogsz,alulmaradsz(minecraft kihívás)

  • Im from norway and can comfirm that watersheep is norwegian

  • sorry pewdiepie, but norway is better

  • Literally Felix the whole video “I play Minecraft now I get this”

  • I just use my horse instead of water

  • If you didn’t know Felix when you tame a dog it gets more health