You're in trouble and we need to talk

Ajoutée 17 sept. 2019
Once upon a time-actually, it was last Monday- I was getting ready for school when these big, scary men knocked on our door and said "hey, we've arrived and we're here to rip out your window sills." So, they did just that. Our house is an absolute mess. Dust is everywhere, including in the wind. My room; I had to clump all my furniture in one corner for them to do their shenanigans. What the hell is this madness? No, I object. I like my poopy window sills thank you very much and no, you don't have to change them idiot. I will smash my Nokia brick against your cranium.
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  • marry me plz lol

  • Same

  • 11:35 I think the casino part john cena was referring to was about the “Lotus Flower” casino in the Percy Jackson book. This part only made sense to readers that read The Odyssey by Homer (an Epic with mythology), since the lotus flower, on the land of the Lotus-Eaters, was a plant eaten by Odysseus’s men that poisoned their minds and basically caused them to lose all sense of reality. There was also a scene in Percy Jackson about the “Scylla” monster which was also from The Odyssey.

  • your hair looks great!!

  • Are we not gonna talk about how they don’t have standardized testing

  • Whats Harry Potter

  • Omg relatable omg sksksksksks ur so relatable ooop

  • We're in the same boat with driving. Except, I'm American. So...

  • 12:32 *recoils in 60 seconds x 4 = 240 words*

  • “how did you get sick?” *inhale* *”t h e b e e s”*

  • 11:56 I’m sorry but that’s like the best part in the video lol

  • 4 words x 1 second , 4 words x 1 minute, 1 minute=60 seconds, 240 words lmao this just made me laugh ❤️❤️

  • Joana : eats heathy, perfect child, goes to gym almost everyday, gets good grades, an actually good sense of humor , is great at art. Me: eats pretty healthy, an ok child, goes to the gym 3 or 2 times a week, gets good grades,, has an okay sense of humor, draws stick figure. ;)

  • DUDE Small boobs are THE BEST I don’t see the hype around having big boobs

  • love your vids please respond.

  • Couldn’t agree more with your stance on raising children

  • ily Joanna but PJO is (~ ̄³ ̄)~

  • God bless.

  • *you should be a theoritical physist like sheldon from tbbt*

  • Petition for Jellybean Celery to have a goat 👇🏻

  • Joana, I think you’re awesome and so does my daughter (who has many of your same traits!). Thanks for the entertainment!!

  • Joana: can FR-tv just fold its self up and throw its self away😭😂

  • Joanna you need to try doritoos with cheese and butter microwaved itssssssssssssss so good

  • I think the killer bee's got eem... I am sorry and also you are welcome.

  • 4:31 brad mondo is getting excited

  • Do you consider yourself latina? I ask this cuz that's actually polemic in Brazil. Some people does, some people doesn't (including me). I would like to know the perspective of someone (brazilian) who was raised in another country like you. Tnks. Love your videos.

  • omg that was my question why she looks like her mom

  • what uni does she go to?

  • Is ur refrigerator running? Anyone:Yes...? (why would you ask me that?) The one and only Joana Ceddia: Yes. And I have to catch it. Comical..

  • Shave your head off lol 💜

  • John Cena: “were almost at 3 million, YoU kNoW whAt thAt mEanS” me: *the electrical bill is gonna go way up again.*

  • That tiny mic is fucking hilarious. The awkward is spot on. Definitely comedy.

  • Yes, I'm in trouble. in school they took my phone, I can't call my parents. my parents don't know can someone help?

  • joana "I only bye cloths from sustainable brands" no one ... absolutely no one ... Joana " AriTSiA!🙂 iS a sUstaIANabLe BRAND!!!"🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃

  • "Catch me with my hair down I dare you" Hah.

  • Apply to Google!

  • please. stop peaking that mic

  • im with you on the phone thing. im keeping mine till it dies (iphone 5se). for me its a waste of money and these new phones are getting expensive for no real reason.

  • Love my tiny boobs:) so much cheaper

  • Aaaahhhh so close to 3 million!

  • I'm literally doing my homework which is to find 10 words in a youtube vid you don't know and the person I turned to: JOANA CEDDIA

  • “shave ur head off”

  • Who would dislike her videos 🙄these videos cure cancer

  • No one: Literally no one: Not a single soul: Everyone in the comment section: no one:

  • you love brazil you just don't want to get shot in the back

  • Joana: *starts talking abt Brazil* Me, a limelight: “COME TO BRAZIL” (iykyk)

    • Sxphiecapel 06 luckyyyyy

    • Zdh Angel YESSSS OMG YESSSSSSSSSSS me and my best friend are seeing the london show and we v excited

  • Thank you for the small boob love, much appreciated

  • Can you PLEASE MAKE A VIDEO OF HOW YOU MAKE YOUR VIDEOS. Like is the mic connected to camera? Or phone while you record? How does everything goooo togetherrrrrrr help 😭

  • You could be bob ross joana

  • Sre you a fan of taylor swift ? ?

  • i wish i was with you John cena

  • so pretty

  • this is really important, I need help

  • Excuse the people who got mad at u for not liking dont call me angel, i might be an arianator but i still dont like it. Tbh Lana and Miley were kinda left out

  • Talking about the kid thing. Sounds like you just don’t wanna deal with babies & toddlers. You should adopt an older kid / teen !!!

  • didn't expect a spoiler for twd apart from that 10/10 for this vid

  • Pls don’t dye ur hair other color this look so good on u

  • what the hell is this channel about ? and why the fuck was it suggested to me ????

    • ssmIXpRo why did you comment? Click off if you didn’t want to see it🥴🤣

    • ssmIXpRo because shes the best human woman on Earth

  • I am so proud of you for being happy with your small boobs! Girl I would do anything to have small boobs lol Do you know how hard it is to go running with Double Ds?! ugh!

  • I love your mirror, that's all its cute